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Baptist Health Spine Center front office with patients insideFor the person with back and neck pain, the journey through treatment can be agonizing. The patient often has to travel to one office for a physician visit, to another office for X-ray, then to another office for therapy, etc.

If they are referred to outside specialists for non-surgical treatment options — such as a spinal injection — the patient often has to explain again their symptoms and medical history to a new physician.

All of this fragmentation prolongs the treatment process, creates duplication of effort, increases healthcare costs — and frustrates the person who is already suffering from back or neck pain.

Baptist Health Spine Center in Little Rock, Arkansas emphasizes non-surgical treatment options in advance of spine surgery. The spine center — located near the main Baptist Health campus in on the west side of Little Rock — has nearby access to X-ray and MRI diagnostics. An internal injection suite enables many patients to have a quick and convenient spinal injection that relieves radiating pain or numbness in a hand or foot and be home within a couple hours.

Baptist Health Spine Center lobby with spine patients insideThe spine center emphasizes patient education that encourages patients to explore non-surgical treatment options in advance of spine surgery. For example, the spine center distributes a free 36 page Home Remedy Book on back and neck pain to patients and referral sources. The book has symptom charts that show which symptoms need to be seen immediately to prevent permanent paralysis of nerves. The book of back pain remedies includes stretches that relieve many symptoms at home.

The symptom chart educates people if the person can use watchful waiting or not. Simple back or neck pain may respond to stretches or anti-inflammatory pills. But that is not the case for emergency symptoms. For example, a person with back or neck pain cannot delay treatment for weakness or numbness in a foot or hand, because those symptoms can become permanent if untreated.

If spine surgery is necessary, affiliated spine neurosurgeons can provide minimally invasive spine surgery techniques that shorten the incision, lessen blood loss, shorten the time in the hospital with the patient often going home the same day for a less painful and quick return to their favorite activity.


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