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Baptist Health Spine Center

9101 Kanis Rd, Suite 120
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: (501) 202-6767
FAX: 501-202-6760

Non-Surgical Spine Care

Dr. Andrew Cain

Baptist Health Spine Center 9101 Kanis Rd, Suite 120
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: (501) 202-6767
FAX: 501-202-6760

Spine Surgeons

Contact information for the AFFILIATED SPINE SURGEONS

Baptist Health Neurosurgery Arkansas
9601 Baptist Health Dr., Suite 750
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone 501-224-0200
Fax 501-224-2292

If you are experiencing life-threatening symptoms please call 911 and seek Emergency care immediately. If you are experiencing a moderate increase in symptoms, please call our office immediately so we can evaluate whether you will need to come in to the office to be seen by one of the physicians.

Patients: If the situation is an emergency or requires immediate physician attention, please call 911 or proceed to the emergency room of your local hospital. The physician on call for Baptist Health Spine Center will be contacted if necessary. If it is not an emergency, we ask that you contact us during our normal business hours. The physician on call cannot prescribe medications or alter medications already prescribed.

Physician Calls: In order to keep our physicians on schedule, our staff will try to answer as many of your questions and concerns as possible. However, when you do need to leave a message for one of the physicians we will make sure that he receives your message and responds in a timely manner.

Feedback: In order to continue to provide high quality, cost effective care, we need to know your concerns and comments. Please call our office and let us know when you have any questions about the care you are receiving from our practice. The physicians and staff at Baptist Health Spine Center in Little Rock, Arkansas are here to provide the best treatment possible for our patients.

Prescriptions: If you are a current patient of ours and are in need of a prescription refill, please call the office during normal office hours so we can review your medical chart to see if a refill is warranted. For perspcripton refills, twenty-four (24) hour's notice is requested. Refills are only given during office hours, Monday through Friday. If you are experiencing new symptoms and are asking for a new prescription, your physician will ask you to come into the office before prescribing new medication.


Non-surgical Spine Care

Affiliated Spine Surgeons
can be reached at 501-224-0200

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