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Home Remedy Book for back painThe spine care team at Baptist Health Spine Center believes strongly that the best healthcare is achieved through an educated healthcare consumer. Especially with back and neck pain, prevention of recurrence is essential to free oneself from ongoing attacks of pain symptoms.

Our Internet site acts as an on-line spine encyclopedia and anatomy library. In addition, as a free community service, Baptist Health Spine Center mails out Home Remedy Books on a limited basis to residents of Arkansas. If you live in this area and would like a copy, complete the form and we’ll mail one to you over the next two weeks.

The educational 36-page book is a tremendous resource for those in Arkansas related to home remedies for back pain and neck pain. The home remedy book has symptom charts that show what various back and neck pain symptoms mean, which back symptoms represent emergencies, and which back or neck pain symptoms need to be seen within a week to prevent permanent paralysis of nerves.

The home remedies for back pain include proper use of heat and ice, as well as cautionary information about the use of pills for back pain or neck pain. About 30 pages of the home remedy book features special stretches for back pain and neck pain that can relieve symptoms as well as make the back stronger, more flexible and more resistant to future back pain attacks.

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Home Remedy Book
Home Remedy Book for spine exercises to relieve back pain