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    A center for multidisciplinary spine care

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    Non-surgical Spine Care

    We provide treatment options like spinal injections and spine therapy

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    If Surgery is Necessary

    Four spine neurosurgeons emphasize minimally invasive spine techniques to speed return to activity.

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    Injection Therapy

    A non-surgical path back to activity

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    We have therapists who specialize in back and neck pain

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Baptist Health Spine Center

The goal of Baptist Health Spine Center in Little Rock, Arkansas is to improve the way back and neck pain is treated for those in Arkansas. The problem is that most spine care is biased based on the specialty treating the patient. The solution is a multi-disciplinary team approach to spine care. By combining physicians who specialize in non-surgical treatment options, diagnostics, a physical therapy exercise gym and spine surgeons — all under one roof — the patient no longer has to drive around town to multiple locations for the best possible care for back or neck pain. Now isn’t that a welcome relief?

spinal injections to relieve pain in Little Rock, Arkansas

Baptist Health Spine Center is the only spine center in the State of Arkansas to be included in a national listing of spine centers of excellence by SpineCenterNetwork.com. To be included, a spine center must meet credentialing criteria that relates to having a multi-disciplinary team of non-surgeons, spine surgeons and spine therapists working together under one roof; an emphasis on non-surgical treatment options; minimally invasive spine surgery; clinical outcomes tracking; patient education;  and home remedies for back and neck pain.

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    Non-surgical Treatment

    80% of back or neck pain can be relieved with the right non-surgical treatment options for back pain in Little Rock, Arkansas, including spine-specialized therapy and spinal injections.

  • Spine Physical therapists in Little Rock, Arkansas

    Spine Therapy

    Spine-specialized therapists can relieve pain symptoms with customized stretches that make the back stronger, more flexible and resistant to future strain.

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    New techniques in spine surgery enable the trained spine surgeon to reduce the length of the incision and help many patients to be home the same day.

Baptist Health Spine Center in Little Rock, Arkansas

About Baptist Health

Baptist Health began in 1920 with a mission to respond to health care needs with Christian compassion. Just as it is today, providing innovative, exceptional care was the primary focus. And in doing so, over the past 90 years, we became leaders not just in medicine, but in the Little Rock community, too. Baptist Health is the state's most comprehensive healthcare system. With more than 175 points of access — including eight Arkansas hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, family clinics, therapy and wellness centers — Baptist Health is committed to delivering the best healthcare to the people of Arkansas. We recognize that the best care comes from a Center of Excellence approach that combines a team of specialists focusing their expertise on a specific health problem. Click here to learn more.

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Should you see a spine specialist?

Have you experienced any...

Loss of bowel/bladder control is an EMERGENCY symptom. You need to see a spine surgeon or go to an Emergency Room within 24 hours, or the symptom could become permanent.

Call our office IMMEDIATELY

Numbness, pain or tingling into a leg or arm, especially when it extends below a knee or elbow, could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days.

Call our office at 501-202-6767 or request an appointment

Difficulty moving an arm or leg could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days.

Call our office at 501-202-6767 or request an appointment

Any traumatic fall or car accident could have fractured bones in your spine, or herniated a disc. You should see a spine specialist promptly who may perform X-rays to assess you.

Call our office at 501-202-6767 or request an appointment

Neck pain with headache/nausea is an EMERGENCY symptom. See a doctor in 24 hours.

Call our office IMMEDIATELY

Did the pain come on after lifting, or after aggressive exercise or sports activity?

Lifting or sports activities can strain muscles, ligaments & tendons, causing painful spasms. Extreme pain can require a spine specialist. Home remedies for back pain include anti-inflammatories like Advil/Nuprin, rest, ice and some simple stretching exercises. However, if symptoms don’t improve over 3 days, you need to be assessed by a spine specialist.

Call our office at 501-202-6767 or request an appointment

Is the pain mostly in your low back, AND accompanied by a FEVER, or making you sick?

Pain in the low back, along with a fever, could be a kidney infection. You should see a spine specialist immediately.

Call our office IMMEDIATELY

Back or neck pain that doesn’t radiate pain or numbness into a leg or arm can be caused by a variety of problems, including a strain of the muscles or ligaments in the back or neck.

Home remedies include anti-inflammatories like aspirin, Advil or Nuprin, rest, ice and some simple back/neck exercises. Don’t do any exercise that causes an increase in pain.

If pain persists you may need to see a spine specialist. Call our office at 501-202-6767 to request an appointment.

Remember: Those who self diagnose themselves and self treat themselves do so at their own risk. Back and neck pain can arise from a variety of causes and may require a spine specialist to perform diagnostic tests to identify your problem and the best treatment. A spine specialized therapist can also create a home exercise program customized for you.

  • Specialists in managing work-related back injury

    Baptist Health Spine Center recognizes the complex requirements of managing on-the-job back or neck injury. While all those with back or neck pain symptoms want to get back to activity, the issues become far more complex when a person has a work-related back or neck injury. Baptist Health Spine Center works closely with the injured worker, the employer, the insurance adjuster and the case manager to provide accurate diagnosis of the injury, the most likely cause of it, and the most appropriate treatment for the person.

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