Reid Parnell is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Baptist Health Spine Center who specializes in spine physical therapy with emphasis on manual therapy.Reid Parnell, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Specializing in spine care

At the Baptist Health Spine Center, Parnell specializes in spine physical therapy with emphasis on manual therapy. Working closely with the spine physicians at the spine center, he helps patients with neck and back pain issues to return to their normal everyday activities. For those who participate in sports, he strives to return them to their favorite recreational activity with therapy and exercises geared to prevent future recurrence of symptoms.

Unlike other general therapists that see a wide variety of injuries and ailments, Parnell is focused on the spine and has completed additional advanced courses which specialize in treating neck and back problems, including the following:

  • Advanced Spinal Manual Therapy

Certification from the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy in:

  • Dry Needling
  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Reid Parnell is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Baptist Health Spine Center in Little Rock, ArkansasParnell has a simple philosophy when it comes to treating the sometimes complex nature of spine therapy. “The best approach in my experience with back and neck problems is to first calm down the symptoms, and then slowly build up the flexibility and strength of the back which ultimately makes the back or neck more resistant to a future recurrence,” explains Parnell.

By combining manual therapy techniques, an individualized exercise program comprised of strengthening disuse components found through evaluation, and educating patients on anatomy and the science of pain, patients can be put on the right course towards managing their pain and returning to the activities they love.

How Baptist Health Spine center spine therapy is different

Baptist Health Spine Center has therapists who have immediate access to MDs who specialize in non-surgical spine care, as well as spine surgeonsThe bad news is that 4 out of 5 Americans will have an attack of back pain at some time in their lives. The good news is that about 80% of the time, back and neck pain can resolve by itself. The challenge is the other 20% of cases, which can quickly become complex and expensive. If you’ve had physical therapy before, you may have had a bad experience. That’s understandable. However, general therapists simply don’t have the training in the specialty of spine to successfully resolve back and neck pain.

Assessing the type of soft tissue injury and strain to a back or neck, and then customizing an exercise program, requires extensive training and experience. For example, certain spine challenges like stenosis can be made worse with standard exercises that might otherwise be recommended for other back pain cases.

Baptist Health Spine Center is different from other therapy providers in that the therapists have advanced training and certification in spine treatment. In addition, the Baptist Health Spine Center therapist can access an Exercise Library that enables them to customize a Home Exercise Program from an archive of more than 250 special back or neck exercises.

Lastly, Baptist Health Spine Center has an advantage over other therapy clinics in that the therapists have immediate access to MDs who specialize in non-surgical spine care, as well as spine surgeons, since they are under the same roof.

This team of spine physicians and therapists can quickly conference and resolve questions and issues that may arise, without the patient having to wait several weeks for doctors and therapists to send notes and reports back and forth. This tight communication loop between patient, doctor and therapist, represents a critical advantage that speeds the patient along to recovery faster than the outside therapy clinics. At Baptist Health Spine Center, everything is under one roof for the benefit of the patient.


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